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Le Trio for Fine & normal Hair encompasses everything you need for luxurious hair as a set. This luxurious shamp...


Le Trio for Fine & normal Hair encompasses everything you need for luxurious hair as a set.

This luxurious shampoo offers a balancing cleanse for normal to fine hair texture, while repairing any past damage from color or harsh elements. Rich hints of tobacco leaves and palo santo transports you while organic date seed oil invigorates your scalp to promote strong hair growth and shine. After regular use, hair is clean, healthier, growing, and luminous. 

Follow with luxury throughout the rest of your day with this ultra-nourishing conditioner. It revives your hair with nourishing date seed oil and natural oxidants, promoting strong and healthy hair, without weighing it down. Protecting the hair from harsh elements, this conditioner helps prevent future damage. Smells rich of tobacco leaves and palo Santo.

The Cure is the hair fix we are all looking for. These strong boosters will penetrate your hair, repairing any past damage. As color experts, we know how much processing and other elements can stress the hair follicles; this booster will get you back to that strong, rejuvenated hair, quickly. Leave this treatment in while you hit yoga or pilates, or overnight. 

The Details:
$97 (valued at $125)
Sulfate free/ Phosphate free/ Paraben free
Cruelty free
Organic date seed oil which promotes hair growth, regenerative and restorative properties
Natural anti-oxidants to revive hair strength and create shine
Packaging is recyclable

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Customer Reviews

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New favorite brand

I have fine hair but a lot of it and this trio is perfect at giving it a deep clean but hydrating it. And honestly it is the best smelling product I own!

Perfect shampoo/conditioner for fine color treated hair

Nice clean smell that’s gentle on my color treated hair and doesn’t weigh it down.

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