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At Suite Reyad we have defied all odds of a normal hair salon. We take you deep within the walls of The Pierre, a Taj Hotel, located in New York City’s most expensive zip code.

We invite you into our Parisian Suite for afternoon tea, while lathering your hair in the healthiest, most organic products in the business.

Our international team will lead you down the right path with their extensive knowledge on color, and style, helping you reach your highest self.


A Parisian by birth and training, Reyad Fritas has for twelve years been one of the beauty and fashion world’s secret stars, with a global clientele that extends from catwalks to boardrooms.

Suite Reyad is Fritas’ first independent space, and it has been designed to reflect his cool yet classic, understated but devastatingly chic taste.

“The idea was to create an environment  where I could receive people comfortably, where they wouldn’t necessarily feel that they were in a salon but instead, perhaps, in my home. The best in New York city dwell within these walls, and our level of respect for our craft is unparalleled in the city.”

It is only fitting, then, that Suite Reyad has found a home at the Pierre Hotel, an icon of elegance in Manhattan for 88 years.

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The Pierre,
A Taj Hotel

2 East 61st Street & 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10065

Take the elevator to the 4th Floor
and go down the hallway on your right until you see our sign.



NRW to 5th Avenue
EFQ to 63rd Street
456 to 59th Street

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